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Yesterday was very frustrating! Today is better!

September 29th, 2005 at 01:44 pm

Yesterday was frustrating! I made it though my workout at the gym...uncomfortable and very tired...but I made it. Came home and got ready to go to my surgical consult. Well, I get there and find out the girl told me wrong...there are no surgeons at that clinic! So I had to go home without seeing a doctor! At least they returned my co-pay.

I spent the rest of the afternoon tryng to find a surgeon that will take my insurance...no luck so called the company and they couldn't find one either. I told them who I'd like to see and they are sending in a request for me to the main office and will be letting me know who I can see. I'm to call Friday to check on it. They said they will either find a plan doctor for me or will send me to a non-plan doctor and pay for it. I am hoping they will let me go to this doctor here in town that I think I would like.

By the time I was done with all this I was feeling very miserable and frustrated, but yet have the sense that it will turn out ok. It was just that I wasn't feelilng well..that made it hard. Today I am feeling better, got through my workout easily and feel much more positive.

My dh went fishing today, but doubt he stays so long today as it has started raining. A sure sign that fall is definitely here! I hope he doesn breakout. So far he has had no new breakout this fall. I am sure he is going to come home talking about going south though! LOL

Yesterday I spent about $4 from my personal allowance. Otherwise no spending.
Today so far is a no-spending day.

It is almost the first! I can't wait to do a whole month on our new budgeting plan! Also I plan to take any surplus we have left this month (so far $92) and apply it to our debt snowball! Have to admit I was tempted to go to Walgreens and use this surplus to buy the 10 things you can get free with a rebate this month. But none of them are anything we need right now so I talked myself out of it.

I guess that is the main thing that bothers me about not using a charge card....I can't usually afford to take advantage of great deals I find. :-( I keeping thinking...gee, I could just charge them and then pay them off with the rebate cash (plus get 10% more for putting it on my Walgreen GC). That's what I have always done and have my cupboards full of these free items. So it's hard now not to do that, but I have promised myself not to spend any money on these type things that I don't have the money for and it takes a while to get that rebate. I only have about $7 left in my grocery/hh evelope...that wouldn't be enough and besides I may need it before the 1st.

So, my weeks spending (didn't get it posted yesterday)
From cash
Groceries: $3.50
Gasoline/Oil: $19.68
Car Mt./Repairs: $85.15 (part of this came from gas/oil envelope)
Church: $1
Personal stuff: 4.00 (from my allowance)
Total Cash: $113.33

Non-cash (check or paid online)
Water Bill: $67.03
Credit Cards: $741
Medical: $10.15
Total Non-Cash: $818.18

I think we have very well with our cash, and paying off these two credit cards enables us to get off to a good start in Oct.

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