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A Little Discourged but got a lot done today

September 27th, 2005 at 03:41 pm

I'm feeling a little down today...it's been coming on me ...family issues, money issues and health issues...all contributing to it I know. I know it will all work out but my dh is kinda down too and that makes me more down!

The family issue is one that's been around for a while...I'm tired of dealing with it and feel I've made the right decisions so I'm just trying to let it go and not let it bother me but it still makes me so sad. I think sometimes that it is affecting me physically too.

The money issue: We are all set up with our new budget plan for Oct. I'm excited about doing a whole month on it, but we still have some bills for Sept that were autopaid by credit card. I mentioned this before here. I thought I would have enough to cover them but turns out I don't have quite enough. After discussing this with my dh we decided to withdraw enough from our EF to pay these bills and let us start fresh in Oct. I really, really hated to do this as we don't have nearly as large a EF as I'd like but this morning I did it. It was discouraging to me and yet it is good to start Oct fresh and hopefully we will never, ever let this happen again.

Health issue: Tomorrow I go to my surgical consult. I think I'm about ready to give in and have the surgery, but I still will ask the doctor lots of questions before I make up my mind for sure. Yesterday I called my neighbor who is an RN and works on the post-surgical floor..I asked her a lot of questions and feel somewhat better about it.
But I still really dread it.

After I withdrew the money I paid off 2 CCs and cancelled one of them. The others I will keep until they are paid off. I also cancelled AOL as I never use it. I was only paying $2.95 (a holding acct..no longer offered) and only kept it for when we travel. But I have since found out that Qwest (my DSL company) has a pretty large network so I will use it instead when traveling. I will not have to pay extra for it. Also last year I occasionally went to the library and in one resort was able to use wireless. Wireless was expensive but what I save not paying AOL monthly will pay for the short time I use wireless. I also called all the companies that are autopaid using the acct I cancelled and set them up to either be auto paid out of our checking acct or I will just pay them myself using billpay.

My dh called the Philippines today so I called and found out that with our long distance service (Primus) it is only .25 a minute...he only talked about 5 min. so shouldn't be too bad! Just to be on the safe side and so he can feel free to call there now and then (family), I added extra long distance calls to our savings items in our budget. I want to be prepared for everything! :-)

It's a no-spend day as far as cash, but I spent $741 paying off those credit cards online.

My dh did a small job for a friend and made $20. He told me to take it for groceries but I think I'm ok for the rest of this month so will just add it to our surplus money to hopefully be added to our debt snowball if nothing comes up to take it.

Overall I guess it's not been such a bad day, we will now get off to a better start in Oct. We only have 2 autopays now and I'm leaving them for now. One is to keep activity on a card until we can use the frequent flyer miles. The other is just for our Netflix payment. That one is also the one card I plan on keeping after the others are all paid off. Maybe. I may change my mind and drop it too then. I'm getting to not like credit cards much! :-)

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