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Another No Spend Day

September 25th, 2005 at 05:18 pm

I am not feeling well today...it's still my gall bladder...no intense pain but bloating and lots of discomfort on the Rt upper abdomen and up the back on that side. Feels kind of like a side ache like you get when running. I also feel very tired. Almost stayed home from church this morning but ended up going. I don't want to just lay around, so make myself do things. After I got there I was glad I went.

After we got home I fixed some chicken minestrone soup and served it with Garlic Bread. I know I shouldn't eat the bread and did limit myself but it was so yummy with the soup I just had to eat some. All the ingredients were from our fridge and pantry. The chicken and spaghetti was leftover from another meal.

Some friends are coming over later to get some of our fish eggs, and we are also going to give them some tomatoes and green beans from our garden as we have too many for just us.

My dh put $1 in the offering plate in church but otherwise it's a no-spend day. We pay our tithe online on the first but this month I started putting a few dollars in an envelope for offerings and gave it to my dh. It's not much but it's a start. I'd like to give a lot more and to other worthwhile organizations too. This is one of my financial goals as we get our debt paid off.

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