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A Good Feeling

September 23rd, 2005 at 07:23 pm

Went to the gym this am per usual. Yesterday I felt so good exercising, but today I thought I'd never get through it...my gall bladder was bothering me a little again..and I just got so worn out. But the rest of the day I was fine.

We went to Costco for gas and a calcium supplement so snagged a few samples and shared a hotdog while we were there. My dh paid for the hot dog out of his personal cash. A very cheap date! :-)

Today I was able to redeem a small reward ($12.50) on one of our credit cards and decided it was time to make some changes. We have some auto-pays that go on this card which we pay off every month. I was going to just change them to another card in order to get more miles but when I got on the phone I decided to ask if they could just take it out of our checking acct and they said yes, so that's what I did. I noted the date when they will be taken out of our acct in my budget plan.

I did this because our plan is to slowly get away from credit cards. I will be closing this card as soon as I pay off a small balance we are making payments on, but we will keep the others until we can redeem the reward miles and cash. But I have come to the point where I dislike paying for last month. Call me crazy but it just seems somehow cleaner and freer to pay immediately for most things. I don't care about the reward incentives any more. It will be a while before we are completely through with the credit cards though and I think we may continue to keep our Citibank card to use for things like renting a car and perhaps at Costco. The gas station takes debit cards but I don't know whether the store does. In fact I used my AMEX today at Costco for the supplement. I took it our of our medical/health savings category which is not part of our cash so used a card to pay for it. Then transferred the money from savings to checking so it is there ready for the bill when it comes. It really feels good to be taking some steps to get away from the credit cards and also to have money to cover the non-monthly expenses in savings. The last few years we had had that but recently we had really blown it, but now I know we are taking steps in the right direction.

I made Primavera Chicken and spaghetti for dinner. Yummy! Everything was from our fridge/pantry.

Today's spending:
calcium supplement (took from medical) $10.15

gas - $19.68 (my dh put it on a card but then deposited cash to cover it)

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