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First Day on New Budgeting System

September 21st, 2005 at 11:14 pm

I was to participate in an eFocus group this morning, but when it was time to login it didn't work...something on my computer seemed to be blocking it, called the tech but he couldn't figure it out either so didn't earn the $30!
I was a little disappointed because I could have used the money. Eventually I was able to see 1/2 the screen but not the ad I had to look at to answer the questions so had to give it up. I stayed home from the gym to do this too!

Then I went to the bank to get our cash for the next week and put it in the different envelopes. More envelopes now. Before I got home to put it in the envelopes, I went grocery shopping...3 stores and spent $77. When I got home and put put the rest into the envelopes I was missing $5. Very puzzling because I had gone over it again and again to make sure I got the right amount of money. So don't know if I dropped the $5 or what. That is one problem with cash I guess, it could happen, but I thought I was very careful. I took it from my allowance so I only have $20 for this week, but I think I can manage, but puzzled and disappointed by this too.

I transferred $266 to savings and left very little in the checking account because I only have a couple small bills to pay. So far I think our new system will work well once I get used to it.

I have two bills now for Oct...the custodial fee for my IRA ($9) and AAA+ ($145). I have placed them in the back of my budget binder until next month. AAA will be auto-paid by credit card and the other one on the 23rd (my second bill paying session). I feel very organized. :-)

I fixed pepperoni pizza and salad for dinner tonight and then we went to church. Came home and watched Lost.
Now very sleepy so think I will go to be bed soon.

This week's spending:
Groceries: $78.99
Gas & Oil: $26.45
Total: $105.44

We are spending less each week than I expected, so guess we are doing ok.

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