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Daughter's Coming for a Visit!

September 19th, 2005 at 01:14 pm

Our daughter and her bf will be here sometime late this afternoon. I have a BBQ roast in the crockpot and hopefully it will be done by the time they get here. I will shred it and serve on buns with some kind of veggie..not sure what yet. They only live about 3 hours away but we don't see each other very often...usually every 1-3 months I guess, depending on what's going on. It will be good to see them!

We went to the gym this morning. My energy level is coming up again but I'm still not where I was before getting sick. My dh is even worse...he is taking a nap now.

He was over at the neighbors a little while ago...they caught some HUGE salmon last night and borrowed our cooler to put them in overnight. Had to cut off the heads to even get them in our cooler! I thought my dh had caught some very large ones but these were even larger! So they will have plenty fish for a while. My dh hasn't done as well fishing this year but he did catch one fairly large one and we still have fish in the freezer and smoked. He enjoys fishing and it helps out on the groceries.

We stopped at the store on the way home and bought my dh some milk. I drink non-fat but he can't stand it so had to have his 2%. So I spent $1.99. I've done well with the groceries and still have a little grocery money left.

I don't think we will be spending any more today. We had leftovers for lunch and dinner is from our freezer.

After I got the crockpot going, I did a little housework. Still have more to do but taking a break.

5:17 pm We had a nice time chatting with our daughter and her bf. They were unable to stay for dinner but had a beer with us...well, I'm a diet coke person myself but my dh, daughter and her bf had beer.

After they left we ate an early dinner as the BBQ roast was ready...it was SO tender and really tasted good. We had it on buns and had a salad with it. I wish the kids had had time to stay and eat with us but they wanted to get home - it's a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive depending on the traffic.

My dh ran out to buy something for fishing and spent a little over $1, but it was out of his own money, so for purposes of this journal, the milk was all we bought today.

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