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Another Quiet Day and Good News, I Think!

September 18th, 2005 at 04:58 pm

There's a real feeling in the air that summer is almost over and falls acomin' today. I should be outside enjoying these last days of summer but here I am at my computer. Maybe I'll go out and walk for a while after this.

It's really quiet here at home. We went to church this morning, came home and ate leftover chicken and asparagus stir-fry and rice. The asparagus was some our neighbor gave us a while back and I froze it. Wasn't great, but was edible. Even though money is tight these days, we have plenty food. I'm pretty frugal with food and love to cook so we always have food. I was going to fix something new tonight but my dh said he wants to eat last night's leftovers tonight, so guess I'm taking it easy today! :-)

Looked over my plan again just now , and feel things are going pretty well. I have only a couple bills yet to pay this month and they only total $47 so unless something comes up I've forgotten about, we should do alright the rest of this month. I will be able to transfer money from our ING accounts on Tuesday...I think that takes 2-3 days to get it in our checking account but that should be ok as I will just be putting it into savings anyway. This is a short-term savings acct for things that are not paid monthly. My little check comes on the 21st (Wed) and out of that I will pay the 2 bills, take enough cash for 9 days (til end of month) and put most of the rest in savings.

Now the good news...this is IF nothing comes up I'm not expecting....I think there will be about $170 left. I added up the amount I have to pay the credit card (the LAST TIME for these kind of things!!) for groceries, my personal expenses and other small items and it comes to $179....so I will have almost enough to make up for that! I will leave that amount in the bank for Oct so we won't be so short on groceries and my allowance afterall!! Woo-hoo! I sure hope it works out like this!!

After I get this plan in motion (Oct), I shouldn't have to deal with it very often. The software manual says 2 days a month is all you need for budgeting activities but the way our checks come in, I think I will be doing budgeting 4 days a month plus I will continue to download transactions in Mvelopes (kinda fun!) as long as we use it. It will be kind of a check on what I'm doing otherwise. I think the 2 budgeting systems will work well together...guess I shouldn't need both but I tend to learn things the hard way so for now I like using them both.

So, things seem to be working out well and I feel much more relaxed about starting Oct. now. Ok, now to get outside! :-)

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