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Need new battery - otherwise just rambling

September 17th, 2005 at 11:59 am

My dh just informed me that we are going to have to buy a new battery for the pickup before we go on our next trip. Not sure whether we will go on a winter trip or not due to the gas prices but regardless sooner or later we will have to replace the battery. We have a little money we are saving each month for repairs and tires so it will probably come out of that. He said he thinks the last time he looked they were about $60-70 so I am hoping no more than $100 at least.

I have been thinking about the timing of our bills. We have 2 credit cards that are due by the 3rd of Oct. I wish I could pay them this month so that we could start Oct. fresh...not oweing any of our day-to-day expenses to a credit card company...like groceries. I liked that we got cash back on our purchases, and supposedly we had the money saved in our acct but because I overspent in other areas, it is now not there. Now I will start my new budget plan..in Oct...having to pay 2 bills for things charged in Sept! grrr!! That will cause me to have less
spending money in Oct....it is mostly groceries and my allowance but those are two important areas to me! grrr again! As you can tell, I am still very angry with myself.

At the same time, I feel really good about my new plan! I feel that we are going to feel much more in control of our income and how we spend it. Unfortunately the amount we have in cash and to put into savings is not really suffcient since we are still paying off a lot of debt but hopefuly in time it will get better.

My dh will be very disappointed if we cannot go south this winter. The last time we stayed up here he was sick most of the year and he is already starting to really itch no matter how much cream/lotion/oil he uses. So far no new breakout though...he tends to break out when it gets even slightly cool. The dermatologist has confirmed that it is the weather or actually the changes in temperatures...like going from inside to outside, outside to inside or even when the temp drops in the house. He is continuing to plan on going, but knows we may not be able to and we are trying to take it just one day, one month at a time.

So far it is a no-spend day. We got up late and are just starting to get some things done around the house. As far as I know we will just be staying home today. I'm a little bored and would like to go out but without money there is not much to do. I really don't care about window shopping...I only like to shop when I have money. :-)
I'm ashamed to say that my first thought upon waking this morning was, why get out of bed when I have no money to spend! Then I thought that's silly...life is much more than money and I actually love my life even though I would like more cash! :-)

There is also plenty to do around the house, since I really neglected it when I was sick. I'm planning on organizing our closet today, cleaning the kitchen range from top to bottom, cleaning out the fridge and mopping the kitchen floor. So, I'd better get to all that right now!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why don't you send a check in (or make an online payment) to the credit card company before September 30? It's true that they'll have your money (and interest on it) a few more days than they should, but at least it won't be hanging over your head and you can start fresh...

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