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New Budgeting Software and a Decisions Made & to be Mad

September 13th, 2005 at 05:30 pm

Forgot to make an entry yesterday. We went to the base lawyer and got new wills made up. Actually it's a new one for my dh and the first one I have had. We needed to change the executor as he is older than either of us. We had the first will made when our children were young which was a long time ago! Just never got around to updating so finally decided we'd better. We ended up making 2 of our children (all grown) co-executors and hope this pleases everyone! Strange how complicated these issues can become!

I didn't spend any money yesterday and my dh just bought a candy bar from his allowance.

Today I went to my regular doctor for a follow-up visit to my ER visit. He wants me to see a surgeon for a consultation, so I now have an appointment for that. After the consulations (may get 2) I will have to make a decision about whether to have my gall bladder removed or not.

I paid the $12 co-pay fro the doctor visit from my allowance since I know there is no money for this in the bank at this time. Hated to do this as now I am really low on cash, but I did it. We are overdrawn on our bank account now..$200, too. We have been doing this the last few months...I pay it back but then it happens again the next month. We do not seem to be overspending but I have figured out that it is a matter of the timing of our checks and payments. I am now changing the dates I pay some of the bills to avoid this happening hopefully.

I have found another budgeting software I like pretty well and that should be easier for my dh to understand in case I'm not around at some point. It is called The B Word. http://www.thebword.com/
So far I like it really well. At this time we are using Mvelopes and I really like it and thought I'd never go back to any other way of budgeting. We have a lot of different accounts and Mvelopes really makes it easier, but we are looking at simplifying our financial lives by eliminating many of these accounts and if we can, I think I may drop Mvelopes and just use The B Word. This would also help our budget a little bit by eliminating the small charge each month for Mvelopes.

My dh isn't really into using Mvelopes and finds it difficult to understand even when I print out the forms. Since Mvelopes is continually changing I have to keep printing out forms for him, but with this new softare not only do I think he will understand better, I can just print out the worksheet for him and he actually will not even have to use the software. He can just use the print out to get him started with the budget if something should happen to me. I have printed out the budget worksheet (there is also a tracking worksheet) and put it in a binder along with some instructions on how to find the info he will need if he has to suddenly take over.

We will probably not eliminate these extra accounts right away but over time, so for now I will continue to use Mvelopes.

Total spent today:
Doctor's Office co-payment: $12.00

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