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What Mood?

September 11th, 2005 at 05:55 pm

I'm unsure of how I feel today! LOL It was a good day...beautiful day, went to church, did some shopping, came home feeling good, but then had a family issue come up with one of our children and now feel kinda down.

One of our children does not like a decision we have made and is ready to disown us as parents! Strange how if you try and give them any bit of advice you are told it's none of our business, but yet they feel they have a right to tell us what to do! We have decided to just ignore it and hope it will die down in time.

We went to Costco for a couple items. I have to admit that if I had been using my credit card, I probably would have spent about $8 more. This was the first time that I feel this was the case.

Spent on groceries $19.78

Also had lunch there and we each spent $1.50 or $3.00 for 2 of us. We each paid for our own lunch out of our own cash allowances.

So total spent today: $22.78 ($1.50 from dh's allowance)

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