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Another quiet day

September 9th, 2005 at 12:35 pm

Staying home again today...kinda getting bored but still don't feel up to doing much either. I am better today though and wish I could get myself to do more housework as this house is beginning to really show the neglect!
I called the doctor again today and he has not gotten any paperwork from the ER yet so will be calling me after he gets that.

I have not spent any money today, and my dh deposited $23 from his gas/oil envelope to cover the gas he charged yesterday.

We saved some money today...my dh's eye doctor changed his prescription right after he had just bought a bunch of the old stuff. When he told the doc this he had him take it in to the clinic and exchange it for the new med which he had onhand. Saved us from having to buy more!

I think I forgot to mention that we also earned some money with our ING Direct Savings acct I opened for my dh! He now has a $25 bonus in his account and I have a $10 bonus for referring him...very cool!

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