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Not bad for first week

September 7th, 2005 at 05:45 pm

I'm feeling a little better today. Didn't have to take any medication so think that's a good sign. My doc still hasn't called me back, but then I am in no hurry to talk to him either. :-)

Didn't really feel like going grocery shopping but decided to make myself as I felt I needed to move more and get out of the house for a while. My dh went with me as he was worried about me and we went to Wild Oats and then Trader Joes.

A few months ago I took advantage of a promotion that Washington Mutual had ...open an account and get $75 AMEX Gift Checks. I deposited $100 at that time and I finally got my $75 last month, so today I went to the bank and withdrew my $100 and closed the account.

I really needed the money as I goofed up...I opened an ING Direct Savings account for my dh and didn't complete the form correctly...so they made TWO transfers from our checking account instead of one this month! YIKES! I called them and explained the mistake but they said they cannot transfer it back, so I have to wait until the 20th to access it. It's not a big deal, I can transfer it back then but I probably will run short by the end of the week so was glad to have the $100 to put in.

I also bought a skin care product today...had trouble finding the kind I need (2 stores!) but the one I found was cheap..$3.22

Cash spent today:
Wild Oats after my 10% discount: $8.94
Trader Joes $15.75
From my allowance: $ 3.22
Total spending today is $27.91

So we have been using cash now for 7 days. We have spent only $83.85 not counting my dh's personal cash or the money my dd gave us. It does include my personal cash. I want to count it as in the past I have been the one to go over and I want to keep myself accountable. Except for $5 for a car part and included above, my dh did not spend any from his cash envelopes (clothing, gas/oil, car repairs/tires). Oh and I forgot to mention yesterday that I got a manicure which was $14.00 from my personal allowance and is included in this weekly total. I think we have done pretty well.

At this point it is my opinion that we would not have spent any more if we had been using our credit card, but I do feel that I am more anxious about spending when I use cash. I am very careful esp in the grocery store and when spending my personal money as I don't want to be short at the cashier. This may keep me from spending as much some time, but I don't feel it has yet. I plan our menus and grocery shopping list very careful and we eat simple meals and few convenience foods. We do try to buy most things natural or organic, but unless we have company we buy only small amounts for the two of us.

It will be interesting to see how the next week goes. I feel like I have very little grocery money left.

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