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Another Rough Day

September 6th, 2005 at 08:40 pm

Not severe pain like what took me to the ER but I'm still not feeling well at all. Online off and on but mostly in bed. My dh is so good to me. He went to the store for medication, soup, crackers and black licorice. :-) I haven't had black licorice for years and years, but he knows I used to love it.

I called my regular doc and reported going to the ER. He should have the paperwork by now too. He didn't call me back...just as well I want to think and pray about this..don't want to make any rush decision into surgery.

Our gs left a favorite sweatshirt here he took it to the postoffice too. We took all this out of out of the grocery money since there is no drug money left. I think he had to add 20 cents out of his own money too.

Spending today:
medication and postage $5.15
groceries: $5.05
Total spending today: $10.20

My dh bought a slice of pizza too but he took it out of his own money.

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