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You never know what the day will bring

September 4th, 2005 at 07:48 pm

I woke up about 4:30 with a gall bladder attack...finally decided I couldn't take any more pain about noon so went to ER for pain medication. Felt SO good to finally be out of pain...well, most of it anyway! Was very nauseated on the way home and crashed when I got home. I was wiped out. Finally got up and my sweet dh made me some soup for supper....first food I'd had all day and it tasted really good! It was from our pantry.

We had to take our grandson to the ER with us, so my dh took him to the cafeteria for lunch and later for ice cream...not sure how much he spent but it was from his allowance and money well spent to keep the little guy occupied. :-)

Other than that, all we spent was $7.30 for 2 medications (covered by insurance). We put this on the credit card and the money is in the bank (and mvelopes) waiting for the bill. My insurance covers the ER bill.

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