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No spending today

September 5th, 2005 at 04:35 pm

Today was a no-spending day. Yea! I'm still not feeling really well but I am much better today.

We ate out on the patio today...we had Walnut-Sesame Chicken Strips (chicken on sale week before last), corn on the cob (sale), salad (tomatoes from our garden, peppers from neighbors) and watermelon. So everything came from our freezer, fridge, pantry or garden.

Our little grandson really likes to eat on the patio. We usually try and have a picnic/BBQ on Labor Day or the weekend before at least but this year none of the kids were coming home and we had the luau at our church yesterday so didn't do it until today. Our gs is leaving in a little bit ...we will be taking him to the airport to pass off to his mom and he will fly back home with her...so thought we'd do it for him one last time. We never know when we will see him again so try and pack in as much as we can each visit.

We have really enjoyed having him and the house will be very quiet when he's gone, however I am very tired too so will enjoy the rest. :-)

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