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Luau today

September 3rd, 2005 at 11:05 am

Today we are going to an Hawaiian Luau and my dh is taking a dish. Spent most of the morning preparing it and then needed a large pan to put it in. He looked briefly but didn't ask me, decided we didn't have a big enough one so hurried out and bought one. When he got home with it I asked him why he bought it and pointed out several large containers...both glass and metal that would have worked fine! He decided to take the pan (aluminum foil kind) back and use one we had. He still struggles at times at being frugal just as I do, but he is learning.

So far that is all we have spent today and will be getting a refund so haven't really spent anything.

5:02 pm Had a great time at the Luau! There was A HUGE amount of food and we ate SO much! I am not cooking tonight. If we are hungry there are leftovers from what my dh cooked this morning....he made so much and made sure to leave some at home for us later on. Good thing too as everyone loved his dish and it was gone very fast!

Since my dh did take back the pan he bought, this was a no spend day!

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