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Our Wedding Anniversary!

September 2nd, 2005 at 10:41 am

Today is our wedding anniversary...43 years! Usually my dh is the one who remembers but this year he didn't...he has a bad cold and isn't feeling well so perhaps that is why. I, who usually don't remember special days, did remember it for a change. Don't think we will be doing anything special - perhaps after our grandson leaves.

So far we have not spent any money but then the day is young...LOL I know we are going to Costco soon so we will be buying some groceries there. We are going to an Hawaiian Luau tomorrow and we are taking a dish so are going to buy things for that. I am also thinking about getting a manicure today if I have time.

1:31 pm Just got home. We went to Wild Oats, Albertsons and Costco for groceries. We picked up another free pkg of cookies with my last coupon. Enjoyed the free samples at Costco, esp our grandson! He kept asking for more so I told him grandma is not in charge of samples! :-) We stopped for a hot dog...dh treated from his allowance and I wasn't very hungry after all the samples so our grandson and I split a hot dog. I have now put the grocery cash away (out of my purse!) as I'm hoping we are set for groceries until next Wed.

Spending for today:
Groceries: $14.56
Lunch: $3.00 (from dh's allowance)

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